• In defense of ‘trash trees’

    Apparently, they do need defending. A couple of weeks ago, on the radio from Austin, a Texas tree specialist used that expression dismissively, as in cut ‘em down, get rid

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  • Aliens on a mission?

    It was one of the last nights of The Big Freeze, 16 January, 2018. Doing a new-normal walk-about to check for frozen pipes, WHAT WAS THAT? It couldn’t be! No

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  • A New York Kid’s Ethnic Christmas

    [This article first appeared in 2004 when my daughter and I had a website together. I hope that new desktodirt readers will enjoy it, and that long-time followers will appreciate

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  • Rabbit unmasked!

    FINALLY! An image of a rabbit in flight is captured. It’s very tough to get a decent one, even with a camera at the ready; you can’t predict when the

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  • George Washington, Henry Winkler and Me

    [A story from years ago that still has relevance today.] ***”I tell her ‘No,’ and add ‘men’s colognes and soaps are a real tough sell on me. They smell too

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The $289.00 Bat

Despite the title, this isn’t an ode to a Louisville Slugger. It’s about a bat, as in, a creature of the night that’ll get caught in your wife’s pricey coif if she’s not careful. (*) Sure enough, the bat that’s the subject of this piece had chutzpah. I opened the door just a crack, and in he flew. Immediately he

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