One mixed-up night

I’m on the phone, well not really. I’m having a keyboard “CHAT” with Jamie at Verizon. Doo dee doo doo who knows if she is AI or a breathing human being? And where exactly doe she or it reside? I guess that doesn’t make any difference anymore does it?

We ended the matter of how to make a one-time overseas call after about an hour of rummaging within the world of “Can you hear me now?”

With a successful concluding sigh of “WHEW” I remembered that Ern was still under the bed in his man-cave. At the first sign of thunder or lightning he disappears to that special spot to wait out the storm.

Except tonight it never came.

[Background from the radio blurts out: …and the Astros defeat the Blue Jays 12 to…………was it 1 or 2?]

He still needed our last brief walk of the evening.

Going outside on a beautiful, clear night the moon almost made my flashlight unnecessary; note the “almost.”

While Ern on his leash sniffed for grasshoppers as an evening snack, I panned the lights beam over the unkempt high grass next door. BINGO! One…………two………..three small, jade-like orbs came into view. They were the eyes of at least three deer single-file tiptoeing in the moonlight.

With the flashlight I followed them until they were out of view. I thought Ern would sniff ‘em out and react but he didn’t. His priority – the bugs – was not to be changed. A good hunter he can be very single-minded.

For some reason all of this seems incongruous.

Such is country life on a Friday night.

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