Rabbit unmasked!


An image of a rabbit in flight is captured.

It’s very tough to get a decent one, even with a camera at the ready; you can’t predict when the race will begin or where it will go.

The cottontail is on the run after Ernie flushed him out from his hutch under a tangle of vines. And generally, the hares have the advantage: they are super quick out of the box.

Ernie has great reflexes but not enough speed to match them. However, one day last week HE got a head start and – for an instant – dog and rabbit were running maxed out, side by side.


Just then the white puff ball made an abrupt right turn to safety through the wire fence. The opening image is exactly what the hare looked like when that Great Chase went down.

It has to have annoyed the escapee: DRAT!


What fun!

There is always tomorrow.


  • It is good to see that you are still being creative (still) Come see us at Taste of Columbus on July 20th at Braden Hall…. $30 I am still struggling with my computer. My friend, Ada is helping me complet this note to you.

    Hope all is well.

    • Nancy:
      Happy Independence Day too. And especially enjoying it in TEXAS.
      Will try to stop by at The Taste. I’m being tugged to go someplace
      cool, as in temperature. Hope you are doing well. Dennis

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