My neighbor recently introduced pitch black “Studly” – formally known by an ear tag as 98 – to his modest family of cows.

He arrived with subdued fanfare: if a dozen regaled trumpeters were normally lined up to salute a lad of his breeding, in this case – due to budgetary restraints – he’d get one.

Like the equivalent of a teenager, his mind is on what used to be called “sowing his oats.” A more current expression is he is sniffing for female companionship: literally.

Immediately upon arrival this handsome 850 pounder began struting his stuff. The problem is his inexperience and awkwardness could not be overcome by ardor and instinct alone.

Having once been there myself – albeit years ago – I winced and felt compassion as he quickly ran over to one of the Big Girls. She, her best-bud and their respective young bulls were lulling in the lush grass.

The newbie, Studly decided to concentrate his mind and other things on the more aggressive of the two. As a first-time mother she would euphemistically be a moogar (aka cougar – get it?) to him. He gave it his best as he approached from the side and began gently licking her head and face. She played hard to get and kept looking straight ahead, jaws masticating. Poor guy, welcome to rejection: that’s something males of every species have to accept and overcome.

As the last couple of weeks progressed it was evident that he did: see the picture below.


I am told by knowledgeable sources that as a youth he isn’t yet able to increase the fold.

However, it is spring and a young man’s fancy………….well, you know.

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